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HOW THE HELL HAS IT BEEN A DECADE ALREADY?? // an ode to trucker hats and vans, to jean skirts and studded jackets, to a time before facebook was even fucking invented - to 2004 [listen] [keep]

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little-jx asked: Hey, I just read that you're a spiritualist? Can you explain that to me because it's so fascinating and I want to know more about it :) Thank you, I'm Josie btw!


I put under read more, if people are interested in read about it.

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24 Invaluable Skills to Learn For Free Online in 2014


1. Become awesome at Excel. (x)

2. Learn how to code. (x) (x)

3. Make a dynamic website. (x) (x) (x)

4. Learn to make a mobile game. (x) (x)

5. Start reading faster. (x)

6. Learn a language! (x)

7. Pickle your own vegetables. (x)

8. Improve your public speaking skills. (x)

9. Get a basic handle of statistics. (x)

10. Understand basic psychology. (x)

11. Make your own music. Guitar (x) Voice (x) Songwriting (x) Music Production (x)

12. Learn to negotiate. (x)

13. Stop hating math. (x)

14. Start drawing! (x)

15. Make your own animated GIF. (x)

16. Appreciate jazz. (x)

17. Write better. (x) (x)

18. Get better at using photoshop. (x)

19. Take decent pictures. (x) (x)

20. Learn to knit. (x)

21. Get started with investing in stocks. (x) (x)

22. Clean your house in a short amount of time. (x) (x)

23. Start practicing yoga. (x) (x)

24. Tie your shoelaces more efficiently. (x)

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Coloring Tutorial by charliecarvers; so some people asked me how I make and color these gifsets and I thought I’d give it a try and explain it.

Example of the end result:


Before you start reading I should warn you that this is quite a big tutorial and that you need some basic knowledge on how to make gifs and colorings.


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My sister introduced me to something pretty cool (and girly - but I LOVE it!) She bought me a year’s supply of something called BirchBox, which is a company that sends samples of different feminine products like perfumes, makeup, hair products, health foods, etc. every month. I believe that all the items add up to $10 in each box. I’m not sure how much a subscription is to get such items, but it is SO AWESOME and I wanted to share with the ladies on here how neat this is! It’s like a little surprise every month. :-)

This was the box inside the box I received in the mail:


And this is what the box contains: Tea samples, a yummy-smelling leave-in hair conditioner, a perfume sample, and something called a “bath milk” with oatmeal and calendula (no idea what that is).


(The perfume smells AMAZING! I want to buy it now…)image

The eyeliner was made in Italy. It’s a metallic green color, so if anyone wants it… I can send it to you… I don’t wear colored eyeliners. Period. But it’s pretty!